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Are you bored sitting at home, nothing to do? Why so long face? I got a solution to your problem.

I know as, by the title, I’ve grabbed your attention. Let’s jump straight into the topic.

Learning is a process of acquiring great knowledge or skills by practicing and having command on values, emotions behavior, and attitude. This is the most common word which we often hear from our parents and teachers which makes us irritated. Learning is not in our control, we learn from different things such as from the environment, conversations with others, emotions, or the nature of a person.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. – Henry Ford

We are not born perfect. We are born to be imperfect. Why is that so? However, learning is part of life. From the age of birth till the age of death, every step we take in life makes us learn new things which lead to deals with the situations of life and have excellent experiences. Learning Sources

Moreover, this pandemic has locked us in homes. The world has collapsed; citizens are hopeless, terrified to lose their lives, and anxious where this disease will direct us. Conversely, the government has facilitated us with many new online activities to overcome these facts and fears of COVID-19.

Benjamin Franklin said:

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’

From where we can learn, right? Learning is a treasure that will follow its master everywhere. There are many learning resources like multimedia, images, audio, video, free, and paid online courses on websites through the internet and different applications and software are available. The online learning resources which direct your life and change it into a new outlook are mentioned below which you need to implement:


YouTube is not simply the realm of digital amusement but it is also the most important surrounding for learning. Nowadays, YouTube is one of the main sources of learning. People from all over the world are learning new things from the knowledgeable videos provided on it.

There are many videos regarding education, art, social, food recipes, free courses on graphic design, freelancing and much more, beauty tips, life hacks, blogging and a great deal of information is available on YouTube which you intend to learn and practice. YouTube offers high-quality content in videos for learning. Learning Sources

YouTube is categorically relaxed to mix, it is useful in generating an eLearning society, it is perfect for mobile education which engenders and encourages online conversation, it emboldens the expansion of note-taking talents, enriches grasp of complex perceptions and also permits beginners to brand their individual YouTube videos.

Digi Skills

Digiskills is a well-known platform in Pakistan which provides students to learn and guide through teachers from freely published educational videos without paying any registration fees.

It is a teaching program that was comprehended by the IT Minister and Telecom, has been launched across the country, to propose one million pieces of training in the upcoming effort-consuming technology and expertise. They also provide certification for your program. This Digiskills course is targeted for students, the young generation, housewives, freelancers, graphic designers, and professionals to improve and enhance their skills with the help of qualified professors. This platform will grasp the chances accessible in online business market positions globally and locally, to earn a living or to increment their pay. It also offers the following programs to be achieved and which will train objective audiences in specific skills below:



Skillshare is a worldwide American online learning society where people learn educational videos, doing courses through paid and trial subscription, graphic design, visual art and illustration, photography, creativity, creative writing, entrepreneurship, and much additional. Skillshare is a website where students can learn online from teachers according to the preferred subject.

There is a unique way to recognize if Skillshare truly values it; this platform recommends a FREE contact to over 24,000 classes for $15-60 and also offers 2 months free trial!! So hurry up and register your account so that you will be competent to learn innovative and remarkable skills. Feel free to access this website



Udemy was found in May 2010, which is also an American online learning community for adult students to learn professional programs or courses. It is the same like Skillshare and Digiskills platforms. This stage has exceeded limits of over 50 million learners and 57,000 mentors teaching developments in over 65 languages. There have been over 295 million course enrollments. Udemy is categorized in the following courses which are development, business, finance and accounting, IT and software, office productivity, lifestyle, photography, and much more. Udemy programs are affordable and often discounted so you can easily learn about it. Here is the link to visit this site https://www.udemy.com/ go through this website and enjoy risk-free learning in 30 days money-back guarantee.

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice. – Brian Herbert


Coursera is a world-wide online learning resource. It proposes a variety of different courses that comprise Yale’s popular course Learning Sources

“The Science of Wellbeing” and Google’s Python Crash Course.

Coursera works with renowned institutions and associations to provide the best learning material for learners. Coursera delivers mainly free courses if you need a certificate so you are required to purchase the course first for achieving a certificate. It also offers a master’s degree and professional certificates through the institute by Coursera.

It also facilitates by having programs in different languages apart from English. However, if you’re interested, don’t hesitate!! Feel free to go through the sitehttps://www.coursera.org/ and login for free.


Most of you have heard that “learning is a key to success”.  From my point of view keep reading, keep researching makes you learn something new and keeps you grow. Learning has different aspects in our life whether it comes to education, moral values, emotional attachment, and your natural surroundings or from human behavior, it makes you learn and enhance your personality.

–William Wordsworth says–

“Life is divided into three terms- that which was, which is and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to live in the future.”

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