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In this era of rapid technological advancement, means of transportation have developed promptly. Distances have shortened and world has become a global village where every person is accessible at a travel of few hours. There are many means of transportation like planes, cars, buses, trains trams and ships etc. through which people can travel from one place to another. Each mean of travelling requires a medium through it can move and cover long distances in short time. If the mediums of travelling are classified based on their usage and accessibility, roads are the most widely used means of travelling across the world. Road network is the only medium which have sprung all the across the continents, countries, urban and rural areas and widely used to access across the globe.

Brief Introduction

A city with increasing population continuously faces a problem of decreasing capacity for buses as well as tubes. So, whenever a project is carried regarding the increment of capacity of buses and tubes, it must be a long term planned project to an extent that this problem of decreasing capacity should not appear or get severe for next 50 years at least. There exist two possibilities for increasing such capacity. Both the amendments must be done after careful surveys and analysis and this survey and amendments must be repeated every year. Survey must be designed and analysed keeping in all the factors on which the need of increment of capacity depends. Those factors include population density and general routine of public on that specific route. There would be two solutions to their problems; one is to build separate routes for them that would cover a lot of space .In need of more self-reliance and better life style, everyone tries to stay independent which is the main reason for keeping separate cars and this is totally acceptable. With increasing family income and improving lifestyle, people travel more due to different reasons i.e. may it be for work purpose, for entertainment or other trips. But for all this to be possible everyone must have his/her own vehicle (car). And this also plays a huge role in traffic congestion at night and also during the busy hours. Apart from just the traffic problems, increasing number of vehicles are causing numerous environmental problems for example, emission of dangerous gasses, noise pollution and smoke emission etc. Hence, the more the automobiles will be, the more the road infrastructures and environment protecting measures will be needed.

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Intelligent transportation management system is one of the revolutionary methods which are used in many regions across the globe in order to manage traffic as well as to reduce traffic accidents. In order to sustain a good lifestyle there exist an immense need of such a technological solution to traffic problems which is not only environmental friendly but also contributes and makes it easy for people to travel. In order to solve the above explained problems intelligent transportation system development is the only solution the world has developed, where the main aim of introducing intelligent transportation system is to make the lives of commuters and travellers easier in every possible way. In one way Intelligent transportation system can contribute towards smoothening of flow of traffic and in another way it provides the facility of navigation to travellers through spatial data and enables them to reach their destination without much difficulty. Intelligent transportation system allows people to know the current situation around them by using information context which may help them to plan their trip accordingly making ease for everyone around. The data consists of gestures shown by people, the bond which is shared between people and objects in the environment, spatial layout and temperature are the characteristics of physical environment and it also includes the site and identity of people. The technology related to sensing, have enabled smart environments in order to initiate the understanding of contextual cues of its commuters.

Intelligent transport system (ITS) is also very effective in avoiding road accidents which take number of precious human lives each day. ITS can be very helpful in ensuring road safety. It can keep the commuters updated with the latest weather conditions, road hindrances, Road Safety hazards etc. All such factors which cause accidents need to be monitored carefully and their reasons need to be identified accurately. According to annual report of “Reported road causalities Great Britain” in 2016, 1792 people are killed, around 24,000 are seriously injured and around 155,000 were slightly injured. These numbers were either same or higher in previous years and expected to be higher in coming years due to prevailing situation. So, a keen consideration is required in this aspect in order to deal with such severe problem (Annual Road Fatalities GOV.UK, 2018). ITS can also keep a record of all such accidents and maintain a data base to evaluate the major reasons for accidents in a vicinity or in an area. After identification of reason for accident, it can be rectified to ensure commuters safety.

Australia has proved to be one of the thriving economies over the past few decades. The population in Australia is increasing rapidly over the past few years and expected to reach around 35 million by 2050. This certain increase in the population of Australia and across the globe has created major challenges regarding human management. Human management include all aspects concerned with every human living on the planet like food, electricity, shelter, clothing and travelling etc. All such needs are required to be met through available resources in an efficient manner. Traffic congestion is one such problem which not only cause excessive delays in travel time from one place to another but also become reasons for massive accidents.


ITS can also manage the public transport in a manner that maximum passengers can take benefit out of it by keeping the travelers informed with bus and train schedule. Congestion which occurs due to any hindrance on the road can be avoided by warning the commuters travelling towards that to take alternative routes tec. In addition to that, congestion in result of land sliding or due to any other natural calamity caused by bad weather condition can be predicted before time so that no unforeseen situation has to be encountered by the passenger.

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