How to make Killer Presentation?

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According to Lilly Walters


“The success of your presentation is will be judged not by the Knowledge you send, But by what the listener receives.”

            A greater fear than death is public speaking. That’s mean you’re better off in the hat than doing the concession speech if you go to a funeral. Although you cannot do much to meet your concerns, a better introduction is the best beginning. It is very coachable to give a good conversation. The content and delivery of a speaker can be converted within a few hours from muddled to mesmerizing.

          You should have one thing in mind while preparing your presentation. You have to show your viewers what you think. When you’re on stage and at the front of the Board meeting present your information, there are no bad feelings than if you are visibly watching the eyes glaze at the viewer’s eyes, watching them start boring and antsy. Make sure that your presentation feels pleasure to the audience at the very beginning right after your subject has been selected.

Important Steps

1- Ensemble Your Narration

You cannot give a great conversation without thinking about something worthwhile. The most important aspect is to conceptualize and frame what you want to say. We all know that people listen to stories and there are plenty of metaphors to the narrative framework which best involves the people. I think about taking an audience on a voyage when I think of compelling presentations. A successful conversation is a small miracle-afterward people see the world differently.

The most appealing speakers do an excellent job of introducing the subject very quickly, explaining why they are so interested and convincing the audience to do so.

  • 1- To formulate your ideas you need concrete examples. To restrict your conversation to what can be explained and cleared up in the available time with examples.
  • 2- Instead of going deeper into the subject, give more information.
  • 3- Do not tell about your whole domain, only talk about your contributions in that field.

“A successful talk is a little miracle—people see the world differently afterward.”

Ideas and myths fascinate everyone. Organizations bore people- this is a lot more difficult to connect to.

2- Studying Skill

You don’t need to overwhelm the slides with the content. If the design of your slide is unwieldy and hideous, the audience will leave your talk immediately and look elsewhere. Use a slide instead of every idea or feeling. On one slide, you do not need to crowd too much information.

If you want to keep your information on an individual slide, at least it is a new section, a team slide, or another slide. You don’t have to try to pull the entire presentation or even a whole section on a panel.

No ongoing efforts are required to clamp your presentation or even a whole part of it onto a slide. If you split your material into several slides, your slideshow is much more visually appealing.

3- Build a Strong Contrast

You may find some participants seated in the back of the hall, fairly far from your screen in your audience. You ought to create a meaningful contrast, to ensure you can even see your presentation slides. Your content should be easily visible to everyone from your background. If the background is bleak, you should all have light in comparison to your content and visual design, and vice versa.

For example

 See the below template and try to make your own

4- Usage of High-Quality Graphics

You do not want to make any of your images, graphs, or icons on your slide to be blurry or of low-resolution. Use high-grade vector graphics always that look great, whether they are big or small. Icons and graphics can represent your speech and content visually effectively and help your audience understand more clearly, what you say.

For example

Here’s a sample slide. Everything in this slide is good, clear, and helps to tell more about a story.

5- Include Audio, Video, and Multi-Media content

The incorporation of audio and video elements to your slides is a perfect way to construct an immersive presentation. This helps you to pause and to give another dimension to your presentation. Visme allows you to easily integrate the videos in your slides, upload audio files, select the audio clips from your library, and even record your audio via your slides.

Don’t overuse videos or interactive content- it won’t be able to read and concentrate depends upon the audience.


6- Be Energetic

The audience can observe the enthusiasm and they will lose interest rapidly if you stand on the front of the room and talk in an unenthusiastic and monotonous voice on every slide. You’re on board, so you have to take care of them. Practice this tip by being vigorous. Move around or use hand movements around the front of the room.

Before your presentation, it’s also a good idea to drink freshwater or juice to energize yourself. During your presentation, do not forget to carry a water bottle with you!

7- Strong Eye Contact

Another important tip to take into consideration while facing the audience is to get in touch with the eye. If exudes trust if you can look at the people with whom you speak directly. It also contributes in convincing them to your point of view and focusing your viewers on you and on what you say.

Developing a stable eye contact with your audience can even help you to talk more slowly and clearly, and make it easier to follow.

“Presenters who make eye contact are viewed as more believable, more genuine, and more profound by their audience.”

8- Be Entertaining

Presentations should be insightful and entertaining. I’m not suggesting when giving a serious presentation you should behave like a dancing monkey. However, contrary to an e-mail or post, people consider their emotions appealing. It will make people less likely to pay attention to dry facts without a passion or mood.


Make people laugh! It is always an excellent way to take time and make your information so much more interesting to incorporate humor into a presentation.

9- Do not Read Over Slides

There is one that’s not a brainer, but PowerPoint somehow makes people believe they can getaway. If you don’t know your talk without any hint, it doesn’t just confuse you. It shows that your message doesn’t understand, it blows the crowd’s faith in you.

10- Summarize Your Ideas

It’s a great way to help your audience understand fully and remember the material in the future by taking the time, to sum up, what you said. Create a summary slide at the end of your presentation after each main point.

11- Never go Over Time

Not only is it good to prove you know your material, it can also help you not walk and waste time. Some apps can help you in notifying of how long you have been and help you guide through the presentation if you are worried about your time. You want to make sure, by not directing the show, that you are respectful of both the participants and the speakers during an event with many speakers.


“Keep to your time and ensure that every time you rehearse you stay under.”

12- Ask a Question to your Audience

There is another way of getting them involved. Besides, it lets you measure the interest and understanding of the audience to be able to react and adapt your pitch to better accommodate them.

Start with these tips for the presentation!



“You are ready to build talk to your audience? Take all these tips to make a lovely and unforgettable slideshow.”


Start with these tips for the presentation!

You are ready to build talk to your audience? Take all these tips to make a lovely and unforgettable slideshow.

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