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  • Basically AutoCAD is a computer aided design and drafting software. This software was developed by Autodesk.

  • AutoCAD was released in 1982 but at that time this software was running in micro computers. When AutoCAD was not released then all the designing and architecture work was done on large sheet which consume a lot of time and effort.

  • There were a lot of chances of mistake in manual designing but when AutoCAD released all the designing and architecture work become easy, simple and error free. In the past there was no facility to draw a 3D design but now because of AutoCAD it becomes easy. 25 years ago when every drawing was drawn with ink and pencil then were chances of error and you can’t erase big mistake so this was also disadvantage.

  • In past there were draftsmen who were hired to draw the designs but every engineer can easily draw design with the help of AutoCAD.


AutoCAD is known as the computer system assist in the creation, modification and optimization of design. In AutoCAD 2D and 3D drawings are created which are used in construction and manufacturing.

AutoCAD was developed by John walker in 1982. Basically AutoCAD is used for modifying and creating 2D and 3D drawings for professional work with detail measurement and information about the conceptual layout and layout of the product. AutoCAD is available in fourteen languages with respect to location.

AutoCAD can produce very accurate design. Drawings can be created and rotated; other programming languages can be connected to AutoCAD. AutoCAD help engineers to design, analyze and solve issue resulting in accurate designs. Now a day’s AutoCAD is also available in play store so we can use it on mobile by downloading it simply.


AutoCAD is used to draw all type of drawing for buildings and its architectural design also. But now AutoCAD is not limited to civil engineering related works it also used for drawing machinery parts and also for wiring. Mechanical and electrical engineers also use this software. AutoCAD is used to increase the productivity of the design. AutoCAD is used to produce error free designs. AutoCAD also helps to create data base for manufacturing. AutoCAD has increased the efficiency of designer. In AutoCAD drawing if there is mistake you can simply modify it. In past when client use to take mistakes then draft man sometimes erase it and sometimes change the sheet so this was time consuming as well as effort consuming work. Engine parts and spare parts are also drawn on AutoCAD for accuracy. AutoCAD is also used by subcontractors like electrical engineers for wiring in the building.

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